Hannah Preston

Hey you! This is where you will find the obligatory snippet of my life, who I am, and why I started photography.

My passion for taking photos started off around 2008 when I got a digital camera for Christmas. I purchased my first big girl camera in 2017 for my own sake of having family photos and home videos that weren't just from a phone. After always taking family and friends photos, I realized that this was something I needed to go for, even if I failed.


Photos by @kylegrishammedia


I was born in Salem where I spent some of my early childhood years, before moving out to small town called Perrydale. No one usually knows where that is, so just google it. My first job was bailing for a local farm. I loved the small community and the fact that we didn't have anything in "town" except a fire station and a coffee shop. I loved our Friday night lights out there, and sports were everything to me. Basketball specifically. That's also where I went to school from 2nd grade until I graduated, along with 25 others who grew up along side of me in the class of 2015.

I didn't have a ton of direction of where I wanted to go with my life. I met my then boyfriend - now husband Derek working at Roth's grocery store during our senior year. We have been been together now for 8 kick ass years! Married 5 of them. Our life together moved quickly, and it was the best decision we ever made. He served active duty Navy from 2018-2022, taking us to California and Florida, and back home to the beautiful PNW now that he is in the reserves.

Besides being a Catholic woman, loving wife, mother to my two beautiful girls, photographer, social media & café manager for the best spot in town... I really enjoy being a homebody, when I actually have the time. I enjoy good food, good company, thrifting, and going to the coast.

That time we spent away in the Navy really put into perspective how precious time, life, and family is. Capturing these moments is so important to me. To have these memories forever. For our children, and our family to look back on in photo albums or on the walls of our homes. I want to extend that beyond my own personal life to yours, and always at a reasonable price.